Hear ye, hear ye!

The Lady Niami DenMother calls upon the wanderers and adventurers of the land to aid her in solving a mystery!

Come to her aid and you can compete for your share of the
biggest cash prize in Everquest history!

Current prize purse:





See the full clues here.

See the standings and point totals here.


A game I play with halfling's mind!
A game I play, for you to find
The many items that I seek.
Be brave, be bold, but don't be meek!

Niami DenMother loves her craft,
to cook, to sew, to drink a draft!
But of these all she loves the most
a new recipe of which to boast!

Aid her now in time of need.
Find the items with all speed!
Four hours is all the time allotted
Don't be late or you'll be swatted!

Only the proud will find them all,
Only the smart, though they might be small!
Halfling, human, dwarf and drakkin,
Ogre, troll, send them all packin'!

Prize Distribution:

First place: 8,000,000 pp
Second place: 5,000,000 pp
Third place: 3,000,000 pp
Fourth place: 2,000,000 pp

Random Prizes

These prizes will be awarded at random among anyone who scores at least 90 points. You cannot win these prizes if you win one of the top four.

First prize: 1,000,000 pp
Second prize: 1,000,000 pp
Third prize: 500,000 pp
Fourth prize: 500,000 pp


Quest Background:

Bristlebane appears to Niami in a dream and hints at a new recipe.  Over the course of the day, he pays her random visits with inspirations about what the recipe might involve.  Niami thinks it's all a trick by the big prankster, but her love for new recipes is so great that she's willing to take a chance.  She asks the adventurers and wanderers of the land for help in deciphering the clues and collecting the items that Bristlebane has mentioned.

(Side note: This is loosely inspired by Niami's appearance in WTF Comics.)

Note to players: THERE IS NO NEW RECIPE!  This is just background for the quest.

Point of contact: KYROSKRANE

On Luclin: /tell Kyroskrane
On other servers: ;tell Luclin.Kyroskrane
Through in-game email: send to Luclin.Kyroskrane
Through actual email: kyros@kyros.info

PLEASE do not contact Niami about this quest!  She does not have any information about the quest or its items and will not be able to help you out!



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