Bristlebane's Riddle

Bristlebane appeared to Niami Denmother and imparted the following clues to her:

Seven tradeskills will there be,
Seven lost souls for you to see,
One for each to name a stone,
For you to find and call your own.
Aviak's cousin, proud and red,
Waits in places where, 'tis said,
the hydrophobes will all be frowning,
quaking from their fear of drowning.
A tiny giant?! Who'd have thunk it?
Maybe you should go debunk it!
Find him on the icy ridge,
Near the foot of Dragon's Bridge.
First the cousin, now the main!
Yet another red bird-brain.
This time in Rain-maker's land
at the platforms of his clan.
Evil spawn of God of Hate,
Gunthak harbor desecrate.
Can they ever be redeemed?
It is something to be dreamed...
Sustenance is red and fiery,
ever banned from his old priory.
Living in the high moon-castle,
In the graveyard, find this vassal.
A lake that's named for Ogre emir,
doomed to die by dwarven spear.
Grimmly won the fight that day.
Seek an orc, but not to slay!
Hidden dungeon, rarely traveled,
Go there and the riddle's unraveled.
Seek the entrance near the mountain,
Other side's an inverse fountain!
Find the stones and grind them down,
Into powder, fine and brown.
Find a brewer's crushing tool
used for grapes, to make drinks cool.
Use it on the seven stones
With Heav'nly essence (hear those groans!),
Make fine powder of each one,
Mix all seven, and you're all done.
Haha! I lied, you're not done yet!
There's still more for you to get.
Rogue and Shaman lead the way,
but brewers too will save the day!
This drink has a kick! It has spirit!
Knock you on your keister, will it!
One of seven you must find,
This one really blasts your mind!
Poisons and potions, dark and light,
Balance the pair, but don't lose sight
of your objective from all this,
a drink to sip that tastes of bliss.
Rogue provides systemic destruction,
Shaman provides effusive concoction.
Use E'ci's potion to offset
the harm, so that you don't fret.
  2 items
Poison of the fiery blood,
Into your system it would flood.
Mix it well with something cool
Formed suspension for this duel.
  2 items
Finally, just one more pair!
Were you starting to despair?
Mind twisted in disorientation?
Drink this distillate for comprehension.
  2 items
Seven potions, poisons, and drink,
Seven powdered stones. D'you think
That maybe you are near the end?
Almost there! Just need to blend!
Tools you need to brew this right!
They will give this drink a bite.
Artisan, Expert, or Grandmaster,
Hold your tool to brew it faster.
see below
And there you have it, all you need.
Or maybe more, there's always greed!
Many items ease your path,
Others avert celestial wrath
see below
Seek the items, big and small.
See if you can find them all!
Many clues have been secreted
Fetch them and your task's completed!

Greedy clues:

Teir 1: 15 points each

  • Moggok of Oggok had a great cup,
    Moggok of Oggok gave it up.
    All of Clurg's horse and all of Clurg's men,
    could not find Moggok's cup again.
  • I seek a special earring for a lady friend of mine. I think something with a red gem would complement her eyes ... but it has to be a truly enticing earring, or I won't accept it!
  • I've heard tell that wearing a leather bracer crusted with the blood of your enemies can give you strength. I wish to test this rumor.
  • Now what in Norrath could scare a coconut?!
  • Many trees are perennials and always in bloom, but I seek a leaf that remains green even after it has fallen off its tree.
  • Bristlebane may want us to have a drink, but what drink would be complete without this round little green fellow adorning the top?

Tier 2: 25 points each

  • Many people wear a Cloak of Flames on their back, but this is not what I seek. Instead, I seek the cloak of that which remains when the fire has burned down. Look in the hall of the magma dragon.
  • In the realm of the Tribunal, most are prisoners or guards, but a few are hunted. Bring me their chain links.
  • Yet another cloak do I seek, this from halls of Sarnak treachery. Splinted cloaks are common, but one made of stone is rare.
  • The kejekans have a quest to purify weapons. Bring me one such scimitar.
  • Fine Steel weapons are common, but Fine Steel armor once used by a Guardian of justice? That is worth collecting!
  • She was the first to unravel the secrets of the Liber Brassica Felix. Bring me her earring.
  • The healers of the Muramite army (such as they are) carry bags that aid them in their spiritual duties. Find me one.

Points for Quests and Clues

Note to players: THERE IS NO NEW RECIPE! This is just background for the quest. Please don't try to combine the items, it won't work.

All items in the quest are worth a set number of points.

For the items marked Quest above, you have three chances to earn points. Find the quest player to earn four points; retrieve the item they ask for to earn another 10, and then find the clue item they will hint at for another 15 points. You must do these in order; you can't just hand in the final clue item if you don't have the earlier item the quest player asks for.

The tradeskill items hinted at in the riddle above are worth a varying amount of points, from 5 to 37 each, depending on rarity and difficulty to make.

In addition, you can show your tradeskill trophy to earn bonus points. The old-style Grandmaster trophies are worth 15 points each; the newer Expert trophies are 20; Master trophies are 25, and the level 7 evolved trophies are worth 30. You can only earn points for one trophy in each tradeskill; if you submit more than one, only the top trophy will count.

You can also solve the Greedy Clues below for additional points.

Finally, over the course of the quest, I will be asking trivia questions about EverQuest. Each trivia question you answer correctly is worth ten points. To answer these questions, send a tell to Questtor with your answer. The tell must contain ONLY the name of the item, zone, or NPC I asked for, spelled correctly, with no extra text. For example, if the answer is "Bristlebane", then an answer of "Is it Bristlebane?" or "Bristlebnae" would be wrong. I am using an automated scoring system, and I cannot edit incorrect entries. But if you make a mistake, you may try to answer again within the time limit.



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