Quest Rules:

Quest Overview

Players will be provided with a whimsical list of clues pointing to each item that should be collected.  (This is similar in concept to the EQ Anniversary quests, where players are provided with a Cheat Sheet.)  In practice, the "cheat sheet" for this quest will be posted on a Web site.  A few additional clues will be revealed over the course of the quest; these will NOT be posted to the Web site.  Participants must be in channel to receive these clues.  Finally, seven clues will lead to volunteer players acting as NPC's.  Those NPC's will demand an item before revealing the next clue, which leads to another item for the quest.

Players will have approximately three to four hours (to be determined) to collect as many as possible of the items on the award list.  Each item is worth a set number of points, marked on the cheat sheet.  The player with the highest point total places first, etc.  In the case of a tie, the person who handed in their final item first wins.  There is no time bonus for finishing early.  The majority of the items are tradeskill-made or tradeskill-related.


Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers.  In addition, prizes will be awarded at random among players who meet a minimum threshold for participation (about 10% of the possible points). The exact prize distribution hasn't been decided yet.

Who can take part

The quest is open to almost everyone. You don't have to be a long-time resident of Luclin to take part; the quest is open to anyone who makes a character on the Luclin server!

I'm trying to structure the quest so that even a player fresh out of the tutorial will have something they can achieve, although you will likely need a character of about level 60-ish if you wish to really have a chance of succeeding. Obviously, you won't be winning the top prizes with a level 10 toon unless it's an alt you can fund with cash from a main on Luclin, but my aim is to have at least 10% of the points with no requirements other than the ability to run around and find people, or obtain easy-to-get items. That would be enough to qualify you for the random prizes. I'm not sure yet if that will be possible, but I'm working towards getting the quest to that point.

I do reserve the right to prohibit certain known scammers or cheaters from taking part or winning prizes, and anyone who violates the Play Nice Policies during the event will also be disqualified.  So, things like training, camp-stealing, ninja-looting, or harassment will get you disqualified.  I've notified the GM's of this event, so hopefully we'll have a strong presence on the day of the event to monitor for untoward behavior.

You do NOT have to donate to the prize pool to take part in the quest!  It's totally free to enter, and totally free to take part. If you wish to donate to the prize pool and take part too, that's fine, but you will get NO ADVANTAGE during the quest.  No extra clues, no head start.



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