For those joining late, here are the clues given so far.

Roleplay NPC's:

You may find Tornicade north of the Dark Elven lands of Nektulos. Knytul is on crusade in the Moor north of Shar Vahl. Mordachi is at a Nexus spire, freezing his gnomish tooshie off in the cold winds of Velious. Zeinth is preparing to enter Kurn's Tower, but needs his sustenance first! And Annie is scouting south of Kelethin for threats to the city.

The item Zeinth seeks is a little obscure. It is vendor sold, but the vendor who sells it is scared of a local wraith. Kill the dark shade that infests the centaur camp in Goru'kar Mesa, and the vendor will appear.

Bonus clues!

Your first bonus clue! I am not a girl, though my face is that of one. I am not a fish, though I have the fins and tail of one. Seek my scale, and a bonus you shall earn!

Your second bonus clue! A cockcrow calls in the morning, but if you look me in the eye, you may never wake up again! Seek my crimson plumage, and a bonus you shall earn!

Your third bonus clue! Rabbits have such soft fur, I must have some! Bring me the pelt of a Bunny from Velious!

Your fourth bonus clue! Bat wings can be found anywhere, but I seek bat wings off the worn and weary bats! Bring me a Tattered Bat Wing, and you will rise in my esteem!

Your fifth bonus clue! A little fly that shines so bright, living in places where dragons and their guardians and servants dwell. Bring me the fly that glows at night, and your light shall glow brighter!



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